Saturday, July 24, 2021

Bad Bevensen, Uelzen, Suderburg

I'm arriving in Hamburg on the following morning. The time is 5:20 in the morning

The train makes a short stop at Hamburg Hbf, and continues to Berlin
At Padborg, Hectorrail Traxx locomotive was replaced with DB Class 112

This is my 2nd night train on this trip, there will be totally 10 night trains and I will take Snälltåget back to Sweden in two weeks from this day.

Mandatory photo of Hamburg train station for all passengers arriving from Sweden
Today I will be traveling on the line Hamburg-Hannover and Hannover-Osnabrück
First, I'm taking Regional Metronom train to Bad Bevensen station
It's early in the morning, but the sun is already shining
1st class car of Metronom train, a bit empty this time of the day

RE3 train to Uelzen


The monument for the Battle of Langensalza (1866)

The reason I'm stopping here is to watch some freight trains, and I'm not disappointed
Container trains are on the way to/from Hamburg harbor, here is 193 871

DB Class 101 and the Nightjet from Zurich

143 326 and 143 348 and VTG gas rail tank cars


Message from the locals

146 542

More freight trains are coming
185 272

185 345 and 185 202

193 616

152 065

Time to continue the journey
Bicycle car
A longer stop in Uelzen before the train continues to Hannover

185 290

1116 018 with Alpen Sylt Express, another night train operating the line
The train is operating once a week service between Salzburg and Sylt


The next stop for me is Suderburg
152 097

152 165

212 034
I'm traveling with Interrail, but it's possible to purchase tickets both online and in the ticket machine
185 260

187 183

New cars on the move

Time to move forward, the day is not over yet - I will be visiting more stations 

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