Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Björneborg, Frövi, Grängesberg, Vretstorp

Today I will be visiting Grängesberg railway museum and some other places on my way there
The first stop is at Björneborg

GC 45942 from Norway

RRS 42963 is taking a detour due to railway works around Alingsås

DBCS 9811 at Runsala 

185 321 as clean as it can be

HR 40981 at Ervalla

GC 45942 that I saw earlier today in Björneborg

GC 4911

GC 5917

A field near Vedevåg

GC 9130

New X2 train testing in Frövi

TXL 44203

GC 5865

Dalarna Art Trail 
The old industry facility in Grängesberg has been transformed to an art exhibition this summer - all for free

The railway museum

Trains from the past are located here - all of them were operated along the TGOJ line between Grängesberg and Oxelösund

Inside the old X20 train

CFL Cargo 26651

GC 15980

X2 near Vretstorp

CFL Cargo 49520

GC 15958 at Svartå


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