Friday, July 14, 2017

Varberg, Grenå, Kolding, Padborg, Hamburg

There are only one railway from Sweden to the continental Europe, it is through the Öresundsbridge to Denmark. However there are lots of ferry lines to Denmark, Germany and Poland among other countries. This summer I will take ferries from Sweden to these 3 countries, and one of the ferries will even bring the train on board.
Today however I'm travelling by car from Varberg to town of Grenaa in Denmark. The train station is located within walking distance to the ferry terminal in Varberg so it would be possible to travel without a car too.
The trip takes 4h and the ferry operated two times a day, this one is in the morning so it's possible to have breakfast onboard. There are plans to rebuilt the harbour area and move the ferry terminal further away, so Stena Line company is considering to move the line from Varberg to Halmstad.
Public bathing in Varberg

Varberg fortress

I love trains, but sometimes it is wonderful to smell the sea air

Varberg Grimeton radio station built in 1924
MS Monarch

The chairs for rent
Insert a coin
Heavy sea traffic in Kattegat area

MS Celebrity Eclipse

Danish island Anholt

Approaching Grenaa (or Grenå)

Grenå station
The station was closed in 2016 and will re-open at the end of 2017, as part of the Aarhus light rail line.
Moving further south, I'm now in Kolding
Kolding is located along Fredericia-Padborg line, the only electrified railway connecting Sweden and Denmark with Germany. Here is one Eurosprinter EG built for Denmark, it has six-wheeled boogies (Co-Co).


An old TEN sleeping coach. TEN coaches were used between 1971 and 1995.

A bunch of IC2 coaches from AnsaldoBreda have recently found new owners.

Another Eurosprinter EG. From Wikipedia: "The tractive effort with this class is 400 kN (90,000 lbf) instead of the usual 300 kN (67,000 lbf), with an overall length of 20.95 m (68 ft 9 in). This type is closest in design to a second generation ES 64 F2, capable of operating under 15 kV and 25 kV AC."

IC2 trains are already re-painted for the new buyer
Padborg is the last stop on the Danish side

Contec Rail MY 1154 manufactured in 1965

After some hours driving I'm in Hamburg, the weather is reminding of November rather than July

Train station in Hamburg

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