Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stockholm to Karlskrona

Today it's the start of my 18days long Interrail trip around Europe. 
As always I start my trip in Stockholm and Årstaberg, the station close to my home.
So, my first train is an X60 to Stockholm Central. From 10th of July there is a new station for Pendeltåg (Commuter trains), and the new name is Stockholm City.
The new station is located in a tunnel, thus separating commuter and long distance trains in order to make more capacity for all trains.
The new station is new and fresh.

My 2nd train is an X2 from Stockholm to Hässleholm.
It's a nice weather in Stockholm, but unfortunately it will be many rainy days during my trip. Here is an X40 train arriving from Linköpin.
Vectron locomotive for Snälltåget train
This is a map of my trip. This time I will take another route to/from Sweden, bypassing Denmark. It will be ferries to Poland and from Germany.
Passing by freight trains

Highest point along Södra Stambanan
X2 is doing its maximum speed at Södra stambanan
Getting off in Hässleholm
The train continues to Malmö
X11 3184
Rc4 1199
My next train is approaching from Malmö
It's a X31 Öresundståg to Karlskrona
Two train sets are coupled, one is continuing all the way to Karlskrona, while the other one terminated in Kristianstad.


View of Baltic sea near Sölvesborg
1st class compartment there are hangers for coats
Öresundståg has no dining coach, but there is a mobile bar service with drinks and snacks (not included in the ticket price).
Ronneby airport
Last stop Karlskrona
Stortorget square with Fredrik church (to the left) and Trinity church (to the right)

Statue of Karl XI, the founder of the city.

A very popular ice cream shop, Glassiaren, with a queue outside
The reason is the gigantic ice cream portions...

A house decorated with a train
My next destination will be Gdynia in Poland. I'm taking a bus to the harbour.
The route Karlskrona-Gdynia is operated by Stena Line
The trip takes 10,5h with both day and night service.
Boarding the ferry
M/S Stena Vision is a ferry built in 1987 in Poland, and it started operating the service to Gdynia in 2010. Before that it was operating the route Göteborg-Kiel.

Sunset over Karlskrona

The route is co-financed by EU as part of the Baltic Link route.

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