Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lüneburg, Harburg, Altona, Hamburg

Today I'm spending a day in Hamburg and the nearby area.
 Hamburg Hauptbahnhof - the busiest station in Germany
 First I'm taking a train to Lüneburg - which is 50km southeast of Hamburg. The line is operated by the largest non-state-owned railway company in Germany - Metronom.
 Rolling stock is from Bombardier, push pull composition of double deck coaches and locomotives.

 S-Bahn DB Class 474
 Intercity train with DB Class 101 locomotive from ADtranz
 DB Class 189 Eurosprinter
 DB Class 140 from EVB logistik
 Two Eurosprinter locomotives, DB Class 152 and DB Class 189, basically the same locomotive, with the difference that the first one (ES 64 F) is equipped with one electric system (15kV 16.7Hz) while the other one (ES 64 F4) is equipped with all four systems used in Europe (15kV 16.7Hz, 25kV 50Hz, 1.5kV DC, and 3kV DC).

 Maschen Marshalling Yard, the largest one in Europe. The total track length here is 300km!

 Winsen (Luhe)
 Not allowed to drink alcohol. Is it only in 1st class? I have seen passengers drinking...

 Train continues to Uelzen

 DB Class 243, the east German locomotive from 1984
 Seems to be a retro train with old coaches as well

 Does not have to wait long here to see the next train. The line between Hamburg and Hannover is one of the important freight routes, and part of the TEN-T corridor Scandinavian-Mediteranean.
 ES 64 U2 from MRCE

 Very colourful train

 Lüneburg is one of the Hanseatic towns
 The river Ilmenau


 Back to train station
 Bombardier Traxx F140 AC1 185 511-3 for Urlaubs-Express

 People are travelling to Hamburg Schlagermove
 Train back
 Eurosprinter EG to Denmark
 Bombardier Traxx F140 AC3 is the newest generation Traxx 3 (DB Class 187)
 Traxx F140 AC2 for Raildox
 Traxx F140 AC2 for HSL Logistik
 I'm getting off at Hamburg-Harburg station, which is one of Hamburg's 4 main stations
 Long distance trains stops here
 Traxx F140 MS or DB Class 186
 Eurosprinter DB Class 152
 Traxx P160 AC1

 HKX Hamburg-Köln-Express is one of the open-access operating company. The other one - Locomore, has now been recently acquired by Czech company Leo Express.
 The coaches are of type UIC-Z

 The station opened in 1897

 Traxx F160 AC3 LM (Last Mile) for Railpool

 DB Class 140
 Vectron MS for TXL Logistic
 Here with a charter train to the festival

 ICE-T train to Munich
 ADtranz F140 AC, DB Class 145

 "Love it or leave it"
 S-Bahn from Harburg

 ICE1 train passing at Wilhelmsburg

 Traxx P160 DE, diesel locomotive to Cuxhaven
 Siemens Eurosprinter ES 64 F

 DB Class 215 for Railsystems RP

 My next stop is Altona station, which is a terminus for long distance and regional trains. Here is a Flirt train for Nordbahn to Wrist.

 Triathlon competition

 Hamburg main station

 Hochbahn at Hafencity Univerciät station. The station opened in 2012
 DT4 metro EMU

 My next and last destination is Elbphilarmonie

Elbphilharmonie is the new concert hall and new landmark in Hamburg
 It is possible to visit the building at the observation deck, the Plaza

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