Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Today I'm visiting DVVJ Dal-Västra Värmlands Järnväg, which is a 158km long railway between Mellerud and Arvika built in 1928. Today it is used by freight trains between Mellerud and Billingsfors and summer tourist service to Bengtsfors.
 On my way I'm making a stop at Värmlands bro station, which is a restaurant today

 The railway here is Norge/Vänerbanan with freight and passenger trains between Göteborg and Kil/Karlstad. Here is one Rd2
 This is not a usual way this type of train is taking, I'm not sure what it was doing here
 Seems that it was a service without passengers
 3 BM70
 The station from the entrance view
 Bengtsfors station
 The railway is non electrified and it is using Y1 trains. Here is one manufactured by Fiat in Italy
 Y1 with numbers 1267-1336 were manufactured by Fiat, while 1337-1366 were manufactured by license in Kalmar, Sweden. This one is a 1297

 During the summer it is also possible to ride on a trolley
 The trip to Mellerud takes 1h and the price is 130SEK one way.

 The railway is located along the Dalsland Canal, and it was built to speed up freight transports previously transported by boat.

 This is one of the freight trains used on this line, a T44.
 Långbron is where tourists can change between train and boat.
 M/S Dalslandia

 Dals Långed
 Råvarp lake

 One of major attractions along the route is Håverud
 Aqueduct in Håverud

 Arriving to Vänerbanan railway in Mellerud

 Mellerud has trains to Göteborg and Karlstad


 Rc3 Tågab

 Our train and Tågab are leaving at the same time

 On my way back I'm stopping in Svanskog, where ÅmÅJ Åmål-Årjäng railway was once located. The last train left here in 1991. Today there is a heritage railway between Åmål and Svanskog arranged by JÅÅJ.

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