Sunday, July 9, 2017


I'm back to Stockholm, and before my European trip, I have some other trips both in Sweden and abroad. Today I'm visiting Jädraås, where since 1972 a 6km long stretch of a former DONJ railway is preserved as a heritage railway. DONJ (Dala–Ockelbo–Norrsundets Järnväg) was a railway between Norrsundet at Botnian bay and Linghed in Dalarna. The railway was built in 1897 and it is a narrow gauge 891mm railway.
 The town of Jädraås has its own beer brewery
 Locomotive 4 Sigbjörn built 1901 in Motala

 As most of the heritage railways it has services only during the summer
 Ticket hall at Jädraås station
 Pallanite station
 The whole trip takes 20min one way
 2nd train with locomotive 2 Korsån

 Last stop Svartbäcken Nedre
 The locomotive is changing direction here
 At Tallås there is a longer stop
 There is a cafe at the station
 The station has a museum

 This train has 3 coaches, built in Linköping in 1917, Hässleholm 1904 and Södertälje 1896

 The coach are from different narrow gauge railways, this one is originally from Norra Hälsinglands Järnvägs (NHJ) but from 1937 used at DONJ
 Nordmark-Klarälvens Järnväg (NKlJ)
 BLJ (Byvalla-Långshyttans Järnväg)

 2nd train
 Pallanite and some passengers
 At the end some photos from Hovsta station near Örebro
 Hectorrail Taurus
Hectorrail Traxx

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