Sunday, May 29, 2022

Wiesbaden Biebrich, Oberlahnstein, Urmitz, Groß-Gerau, Darmstadt-Eberstadt, Weiterstadt

Another day in the region of Hessen and Rheinland-Palatinate
The hotels today are modern, fresh and simple

Darmstadt Hbf in the morning

A very much familiar train from Sweden is Bombardier Itino

I'm on my way to East Rhine railway once again
Wiesbaden Biebrich

Citizens living along the river are furious about the freight trains



Maxima 40 CC

Urmitz, now on the West Rhine railway

185 615, Railtraxx NV

The 9 euro ticket is not yet here, but the crowded trains already are
If taking the Rhine railway, the trip between Köln and Frankfurt is 2h20min, if taking the high speed train it is 1h



Railway means a lot of wires


Urlaubs-Express-Autoreisezüg, Hamburg – Lörrach
The train operator is RDC, same one that will lease the wagons for the new Stockholm-Hamburg night train

This is the Main-Neckar Railway, with many freight trains


Waiting for the flight back to Stockholm

How strange it may seem, there are flights between Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, the trip by train takes about 1h20min


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