Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Törökbálint, Biatorbágy, Budapest

More from Hungary, this time much closer to Budapest and a little bit from Budapest
"Heroes of the future"

RegioJet on the way to Prague passing by Törökbálint station

Rail Cargo Hungaria

193 267, TX Logistik

430 323, Gysev
187 932, LTE

Now it's time to see a bit of Budapest
Liberty Bridge, Szabadság híd

Now, some train photos from Biatorbágy station, also on the rail line 1

480 002, "International Eucharistic Congress"

480 014
185 635

480 022

1116 004

182 567

470 003

630 016
The MÁV Class V63 "Gigant" series are made by Ganz for MÁV to haul heavy freight and passenger trains with high tractive effort. This is the most powerful type of locomotive that have been made in Hungary. (Wikipedia)

193 992, Retrack GmbH & Co. KG

1293 173

185 680, RTB CARGO GmbH

242 250, Slovenská železničná dopravná spoločnosť, a.s. (SŽDS)

Back in Budapest, on the metro line 4

Cat Cafe Budapest

Most cats were occupied with their own duties, didn't care much about the visitors


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