Friday, May 27, 2022

Leubsdorf, Vallendar, Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein, Kaub, Lorchhausen, Assmannshausen

Returning back on one of my favorite railways, the East Rhine railway which I'm today traveling all the way from Köln to Wiesbaden, 179km
Morning in Köln

First stop - Bonn Oberkassel

The line was closed here last time I visited, today there are full operation
193 464, SBB Cargo International

145 055 and 145 064, RBH Cargo


Class 152

Rain is not an obstacle for train photographer like me

193 539,

189 205, Rail Force One


Steffen Hennig, a citizen in Rheinbrohl is a Trabant collector, he has over 40 Trabants

A bunch of Traxx AC3




One of the most picturesque views from a train platform
Schloss Philippsburg (Dikasterialgebäude)

193 998, ecco-rail

Class 426 is a two coach EMU from Bombardier, Siemens and DWA

A train from West Rhine railway is crossing the bridge to the East side

After a quick change of trains in Niederlahnstein, I'm continuing along the East Rhine railway


193 598, RTB Cargo

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle

On the other side, there are passenger trains

And some cargo trains too


193 878, TXL

193 525 "Rotterdam"

The locomotive is used on the Rhine Alpine route from Italy to the Netherlands

193 742, Rail Force One

186 127, ITL


192 055, Rhein Cargo

145 028, RBH

286 940, LTE

186 103, BLS Cargo

186 150, BLS Cargo

On my way to Wiesbaden
From Wiesbaden, I'm taking the train to Darmstadt


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