Sunday, May 1, 2022

Győr, Nagyszentjános, Ács, Abda, Öttevény, Lébény-Mosonszentmiklós

I have been sleeping all night in Austria, when I wake up I'm in Hegyeshalom station, which is the border station between Hungary and Austria

Arriving at Győr station in the morning
I'm very happy to find a station locker at the station, so I can temporarily store my luggage

Gyor is the sixth largest town in Hungary
At the station, I can spot a freight train. This is the MAV rail line 1 between Budapest and the border with Austria (Hegyeshalom) and Slovakia (Rajka)
193 267, TX Logistik

Routier transport on the way to Romania

I will visit some stations at rail line 1, near Gyor. The line is operated with Stadler Flirt trains, stopping at all stations
Regiojet is now operating the route Prague-Budapest
I'm now at station Nagyszentjános
There are also Intercity trains to/from Sopron
The green/yellow wagons from Gysev/Raaberbahn

Class 480, is the Hungarian version of the Traxx locomotive, it is basically an AC2 with 25kV 50Hz and 15kV 16 2/3 Hz power systems, and it is capable of speed of 160km/h

Intercity to Szombathely

Class 430 from Gysev

ÖBB 1116 is taking off at the side track

MAV locomotives are very colourful here in Hungary
480 008

0471 003, Softronic Transmontana
Operated by Deutsche Bahn Cargo Romania

Not much wind power here in Hungary compared to Austria, but here are 3 at least

470 001, Taurus

Colourful wagons on the Intercity Budapest-Sopron

471 003, Vectron

ČD Class 242 is a Škoda 73E
This one is operated by LokoTrain

A wide variation of locomotives here in Hungary, here is Class 187 Traxx AC3
187 524 from PSŽ - Prvá Slovenská železničná a.s.


Ludmilla from DB 

480 022

185 635, Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt.

Class 60 from Romania, is a diesel locomovie manufactured from 1959 to 1993 by SLM, Sulzer, BBC and Electroputere Craiova

Intercity with Romanian wagons

187 522



193 697, LTE
LTE Logistik- und Transport-GmbH is a private Austrian railway company with its headquarters in Graz and an office in Schwechat near Vienna.

Wagons from Bosnian railway

Unpronouncable station name

At last I'm arriving in Budapest

Budapest Keleti (East) station

Public transport in Budapest


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