Sunday, May 8, 2022

Breitenstein, Küb, St.Egyden

I'm on my way from Villach to Vienna, where from I'll take the flight to Stockholm
Today I'm having breakfast on the train

The journey is long, so I have time to try the local cake
At Bruck an der Mur I can spot the new Eurocity between Vienna and Trieste in Italy. Instead of taking the route through Villach, Tarvisio, and Udine, this train is routed through Slovenia
193 730 is used for the route from Austria to Italy through Slovenia
The whole route through Graz, Maribor and Ljubljana is taking 9 hours and the trains is thus following the complete Südbahn as it was intended when built during Austria-Hungary when it had control of both Vienna and Trieste
The train has both ÖBB and SZ railcars

People are wearing masks at the stations in Austria
Changing trains again at Mürzzuschlag

I'm at Breitenstein, which is in the heart of Semmering railway

Semmering Base Tunnel is still under construction, until it is opened all trains are taking this route
Two locomotives are required for freight trains

Semmering Bahn is winding, it is possible to view same train several times
From Küb, I'm deciding to walk down to Payerbach-Reichenau 

187 341, ČD Cargo a.s.

The walk is really scenic

After 40 min walk, I'm at the next station
I would have to change trains here anyway, so the walk was just a nice addition to my journey
New and old
Nice playground


The station is under construction, only one track is open

186 535

Changing again at Wiener Neustadt
187 321

At Vienna main station, there is advertisement for Regiojet

Taking Railjet to Vienna Airport

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