Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ludwigslust, Stendal, Halle (Saale), Naumburg, Erfurt

Day 4 of my trip starts in Schwerin and I'm continuing my journey south.

 Schwerin station in the morning

Reichsbahndirektion Schwerin

My first train today is RE2 service operated by ODEG (Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn) and it is a Stadler Kiss double deck EMU
The train set has four coaches, where one has 1st class compartment on the second floor.

I'm first taking the railway between Wismar and Ludwigslust which opened in 1848 by Mecklenburg Railway company

Just before Ludwigslust the railway is connected with the one between Berlin and Hamburg

Multi purpose area
I've arrived to Ludwigslust where I make a short stop. The RE2 line is continuing to Berlin

Ludwigslust station opened in 1846

I have some time before my next train so I'm visiting the Palace of Ludwigslust
On my way to the park and the palace
From Wikipedia: "Schloss Ludwigslust, a Baroque residential palace built in 1772-1776, after plans by Johann Joachim Busch. It is called as the "Little Versailles of Mecklenburg". The palace is located in the middle of the palace garden (Schlosspark), a vast park (120 ha.), created in English style, with canals, fountains and artificial cascades."

Beautiful Schloss park, with few tourists
From Wikipedia: "Ludwigslust Palace was built as a hunting lodge, rebuilt as a luxurious retreat from the ducal capital, Schwerin, then became for a time (1765–1837) the center of government. It was the "joy" of Prince Christian Ludwig, the heir of the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, hence the name Ludwigslust."

I'm returning back to the station
186 432 Traxx F140 MS from Railpool

The freight trains stops here to let the faster ICE train pass

Another Stadler Kiss

185 598 Traxx F140 AC2 from ITL - Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH and with Captrain livery

DB Class 155 from 1976

My next train is this Eurocity train from Kiel to Prague, EC 379 Porta Bohemica
193 292 Vectron MS is hired from ELL by ČD since 2017
With the new locomotive there is no need for change the locomotives between Germany and Czech Republic, this gives a reduced journey with 20min.
Inside Apmz143/146 coach of České dráhy
WRmz815 restaurant coach

I get off at the next stop, which is Wittenberge station

Intercity train
Eurocity trains leaves for Prague

DB vehicle maintenance facility
Same 185 598 I saw earlier in Ludwigslust

I was planning to take another train to Stendal from here, but due to railway works the train was replaced by bus

Bridge over Elbe river
The bus stops at all train stations, here is Geestgottberg
East German architecture

Seehausen (Altmark)

Osterburg is where I change from bus to train
S1 line to Stendal
DB Class 425

Shortly before arriving to Stendal, the railway between Magdeburg and Wittenberge is connected with Berlin-Lehrte railway.

DB Class V100
I've arrived to Stendal, where I'm changing trains. From Stendal this S-Bahn train continues to Magdeburg, where I'm actually is going, but I will take a faster RE train instead (40min trip instead of 46min).

The first railway opened in Stendal in 1849, and the current station is from 1871

DB Class 642, Siemens Desiro Classic
DB Class 425
RE20 between Uelzen and Magdeburg will be my next train

Kalimandscharo waste dump


RE20 at Magdeburg
182 101 ES 64 U2

DB Class 1442, Bombardier Talent 2
Next is this Intercity train to Halle (Saale) hauled by this 146 553 Traxx P160 AC2
I'm now travelling on Magdeburg-Leipzig railway opened in 1840
Evangelical Rectory St. Jakob church in Köthen

Doppelstock Intercity train
I've arrived to Halle (Saale)

Halle is an 'island station', i.e. it is located between the main sets of tracks.

I'm not the only photographer here

MGT-K tram in Halle
Monument to George Frideric Handel
Roter Turm (Red Tower) and Market Church of St. Mary (Marktkirche)

Leipziger Turm

Since the opening of the high speed line between Erfurt and Ebensfeld, the travel time from Berlin to Munich is now around 4h when travelling with ICE3 trains. Here is one stopping in Halle

My next train is this Class 9442 operated by Abellio
RE18 service between Halle and Saalfeld
Drinks and snacks service onboard
1st class compartment of the Talent2 (Class 9442)
I'm now travelling on Halle-Bebra railway, also named Thüringer Bahn. Here passing under Erfurt–Leipzig/Halle railway.


Only single track operation due to railroad works

I've arrived to Naumburg where I'll make a short stop
187 155, Traxx F140 AC3

186 133, Traxx F140 MS from Alpha Trains Belgium, hired to Transchem Sp. z o.o.

185 383, Traxx F140 AC2

Naumburg station

Sculpture by Stefanie Weskott

Intercity train


Saaleck junction, where one part of the railway continues to Jena

Passing on top of viadukt Apolda
Railway museum in Weimar
Another short stop, this time in Weimar

Weimar station
DB Class 612 as RE3 between Gera and Erfurt
I've now reached Erfurt, where I'll stay in the hotel to the left
ICE trains between Berlin and Munich are passing by Erfurt

I'm taking not last round trip from Erfurt to the next stop Bischleben to view the new high speed line. I'm taking this Stadler Regio Shuttle train.


Erfurt-Eisenach section is upgraded with ETCS Level 2

From the station there is a short walk to a hill from where I can view the new Nuremberg-Erfurt high speed line, which opened in December 2017.
Messe Erfurt can be seen from here
The line is 190km long and the operation speed is 300km/h
Here is the entrance to Augustaburg tunnel (1404 m)
ICE-T train


Restaurant coach of ICE1 train

Travelling back to Erfurt



Erfurter Dom
Zitadelle Petersberg

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