Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Bjuröklubb, Vännäs

Today I'm starting my trip back south after reaching Piteå.
 On the way back, I'm visiting a place called Bjuröklubb which is a popular peninsula national park
 There is a meteorological station here

 Light house built in 1859
 The cliff is 52m above sea level

 Further south is this small church - Bjuröklubb kapell

 Checking in in this hotel in Vännäs

 Vännäs is a town close to Umeå, and it is located along the Main line through upper North

 Vännäs train station

 Train 42300 from Nässjö to Luleå, operated by RRS

 Norrtåg service Vännäs-Umeå. I'm taking this line to make a short visit in Umeå

 Bridge over Vindel river
 After short ride on this train, I'm in Umeå
 Umeå Central station

 On the main square in Umeå there was a big crowd this day, due to the FIFA world championship - and today Sweden was playing with Switzerland, and won.
 After the match, I'm travelling back to Vännäs
 X62 train has a nice compartment with a large couch

 Back in Vännäs

 There is an ongoing project with modernisation of the train station
 Train 5906 from Ånge to Luleå

 Two Rd2

 Train 42591 is arriving from Umeå

 Train 42951 is continuing to Göteborg Skandiaharbour

 Train 7487 from Lycksele. It is an Y31 DMU

 Train 42147 from Boden to Göteborg Skandiaharbour

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