Thursday, July 19, 2018

Aschaffenburg, Darmstadt, Mainz, Worms, Saarbrücken

Day 6 starts in Gemünden am Main, it has so far been sunny and warm weather. This day will also be hot. Today I'm travelling west to the border with France.
 193 266 Vectron AC from ELL, hired to TXL
 Many freight trains here at Gemünden (Main) also in the morning
 152 042 Krauss-Maffei ES 64 F from DB Cargo

 193 217 Vectron AC from ELL, hired to EBS Erfurter Bahnservice Gesellschaft mbH

 DB Class 440, Alstom Coradia Continental
 DB Class 290
 186 235 Traxx F140 MS from Alpha Trains, hired to B Logistics (Today Lineas)
Multisystem locomotive approved for both 15kV (Germany/Austria) and 1.5kV/3kV (Netherlands/Belgium)
"0% less energy!" should actually be "30% less energy!"
 151 153 (DB Class 151) from Railpool
 The locomotive was manufactured in the 70's by AEG/Krupp

 182 523 Siemens ES 64 U2-023 from Dispolok (today MRCE), hired to TXL

 The locomotive has a livery with "Kaiser Franz Joseph from Austria and 100 year anniversary in 2016"
 189 287 ES 64 F4 from MRCE with "Rotterdam-Bayern Express TXL" livery
 152 148 ES 64 F from DB Cargo

 Audi cars on board

 187 124 Traxx F140 AC3 from DB Cargo

 Volkswagen cars. It requires a train for transporting new cars, for those who believes in cars...

 193 607 Vectron AC from MRCE, hired to GmbH

 185 672 Traxx F140 AC2 from Railpool, hired to RTB Cargo

 185 529 Traxx F140 AC1 from Alpha Trains Luxembourg S.à r.l., hired to TXL

 My first train is this RE 54 service from Gemünden (Main) to Aschaffenburg
 I'm continuing my journey along Main-Spessart railway, here is Langenprozelten

 From Wikipedia: "The newly built section, which was opened on 19 June 2017, shortened the rail route between Würzburg and Aschaffenburg by half a kilometre. It forms section 3 of the planned “Hanau–Nantenbach upgraded railway” (Ausbaustrecke Hanau–Nantenbach)". Here is Falkenberg Tunnel (2623/2619 m)
Hain Tunnel (765 m)

I have arrived at Aschaffenburg station.

The station was opened in 1854 with the commissioning of the Bavarian Ludwig Western Railway (Ludwigs-West-Bahn). Today it is located along the busy Ruhr– Frankfurt–Nuremberg–Munich/Vienna rail corridor.
 Here is an ICE-T train, for service Frankfurt-Vienna.

 145 042 AdTranz Traxx F140 AC from DB Cargo
 DB Class 425 from Bombardier/Siemens

 BMW cars
 DB Class 628
 DB Intercity

 Original station in Aschaffenburg was destroyed in 1944, the new was built in the 1950's and renovated in 2004.
 DB Class 642 Desiro Classic
 My next train will be this RB75 to Wiesbaden. It is a push pull train hauled by DB Class 143
 185 339 Traxx F140 AC2

 193 312 Vectron MS is a new locomotive that entered the service in 2018

 More cars on rail
 I'm now travelling on Rhine-Main railway built in 1858. Here is Babenhausen (Hesse) station
 DoSto car of the RB train
 DB Class VT 98 is a rail car from the 50's. Here it is at Darmstadt-Kranichstein Railway Museum

 The Rhine-Main line continues north of Darmstadt, and it is used only by freight trains. Passenger trains run on the Main-Neckar line to Darmstadt Hbf before reversing to their journey on Rhine-Main line. Here I'm stopping by at Darmstadt.
 189 209 ES 64 F4 from MRCE at Darmstadt Hbf
 Darmstadt Hbf is located at Main-Neckar railway which runs between Frankfurt and Heidelberg
 From Wikipedia: "Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof is the main railway station in the German city Darmstadt. After Frankfurt Hbf and Wiesbaden Hbf, it is the third largest station in the state of Hesse with 35,000 passengers and 220 trains per day. Built in a late art nouveau style, the station was finished 1912 as one of the major works of architect Friedrich Pützer."

 ST 13 tram in Darmstadt
 Bombardier Itino DMU at Darmstadt Hbf
 146 002 Traxx P160 AC1 from DB Regio
 193 321 Vectron MS
 482 029 Traxx F140 AC1 from SBB Cargo

 186 187 Traxx F140 MS from Railpool, hired to Crossrail Benelux N.V.

 From Darmstadt, I continue with RB75 further on the Rhine-Main Railway, here passing under Mannheim-Frankfurt railway
 I have now arrived to Mainz-Bischofsheim station. Here is a sculpture by Ludwig Gutzkow

 The station is located at Rhine-Main, Main and Mainz bypass railways.
 DB Class V90
 Since the station is located near Frankfurt airport, it is an excellent place to spot both trains and planes

 DB Class 430 is an S-Bahn EMU from Alstom/Bombardier

 DB Class 429 Stadler Flirt

 Mainz bypass railway is used by freight trains and some S-bahn trains

 From Mainz-Bischofscheim I'm taking S-bahn to Mainz Römisches Theater station (formerly Mainz Süd)
 From Wikipedia: "The name of the station used since December 2006 is derived from the adjacent ruins of a former Roman theatre. The platform of track 4 crosses the stage area of the ancient theatre. During construction of the railway line through this ground no thought was given to protecting this monument. The retaining wall of the 19th century railway has been partially removed in recent years, enabling the excavation of the theatre."
 "The Roman Theatre in Mainz, Rhineland Palatinate (ancient Mogontiacum) was excavated in the late 1990s. It is located immediately next to the Mainz Römisches Theater station and was once the largest Roman theatre north of the Alps, with a diameter of 116 metres, a stage-width of 42 metres, and a capacity of roughly ten thousand people."

 I'm taking a walk through Mainz Stadtpark to Rhine river
 Südbrücke was built in 1862, before that a train ferry connected the railway at both ends of Rhine river.

Neo-gothic bridge tower

The bridge has a length of 1028m, and it has also a bike and pedestrian path
View of Theodor-Heuss bridge and the city of Wiesbaden far away
Kirche St. Peter and Christuskirche Mainz
Mainz Cathedral

From Wikipedia: "Since the Roman bridge (Pons Ingeniosa) first built c. 30 AD and the Carolingian Rhine bridge of Charlemagne, it had been the first permanent bridge across the Rhine at Mainz, which until then had only a bridge of boats. It was after the Waldshut–Koblenz Rhine Bridge on the Upper Rhine, the cathedral Bridge in Cologne and the Kehl bridge the fourth railway bridge over the Rhine."

Stadtpark in Mainz has also a small zoo with these flamingo birds

I'm now taking Mainz-Ludwigshafen railway southward to Worms
Biblis Nuclear Power Plant

RE 14 line Mainz-Mannheim
Current station building in Worms is from 1904

Luther Monument
This it is the closest I could get to Dom St. Peter, due to the short time I had in Worms

My next train is this Class 425
I have arrived to Ludwigshafen (Rhein) which is a junction station between Mainz-Ludwigshafen and Mannheim-Saarbrücken railways. Current station was built in 1969.
Here I'm changing trains for my last service to Saarbrücken today.
It is a Stadler Flirt train as Süwex service RE1 between Mannheim and Koblenz
Mannheim–Saarbrücken railway runs through Palatinate region. Some sections of the line are cleared for speeds of 200 kilometres per hour for the ICE and TGV services between Paris, Kaiserslautern, Mannheim and Frankfurt. The line from Mannheim to Saarbrücken is one of the busiest freight traffic routes in Germany.
Neustadt an der Weinstraße

At Kaiserslautern there is a longer stop for this service
DB Class 643 Bombardier Talent

Approaching Saarbrücken, which is located on the border with France

My hotel has a railway theme
Train to France, SNCF Class X 73900

St. Michael

Since 2007 Saarbrücken is served by international high speed service between Frankfurt and Paris which is operated by Alleo company (a joint subsidiary of SNCF and Deutsche Bahn).
International service is operated with this Class 407 (ICE 3MF) train
From Wikipedia: "The maximum operating speeds in France are 320 km/h, between Mannheim and Saarbrücken only 160 km/h. "

The station was partially destroyed during WW2, the new station was built in the 60's
The station was further rebuilt in 2007 and named Eurobahnhof.

Since 1997 there is a tram-train railway named Saarbahn
Kath. Pfarramt St. Josef
Bombardier Flexity Link tram
The tram is similar to Flexity Swift version used in Stockholm

Railway to France (Forbacher Bahn), even though the route is electrified, only the diesel railcars are used on this section between Germany and France.

186 172 Traxx F140 MS from Euro Cargo Rail - a french freight rail operator
Saarbrücken-Paris in only 1h50min

Basilika Sankt Johann
Saar river
St.Johanner markt
St John's Church

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