Friday, July 6, 2018

Övsjö, Grötingen, Hennan, Ljusdal

Day 7 of my trip starts in Hammarstrand
 Hollywood style sign


 Håsjö old church - has its own copy in Skansen, Stockholm. It is the only remaining church from 16th century in Jämtland.


 The first train of today in Övsjö
 It is RRS train 42504 from Göteborg Sävenäs to Luleå
 Rc4 1194

 RRS train 42300 Nässjö - Boden

 Rc4 1310 and 1165

 Green Cargo train 9118

 Re 1425 and 1432

 Grötingen lake

 Jämtkrogen restaurant in Bräcke

 The restaurant is serving traditional Swedish food

 Grötingen station

 Train 4325 from Skelleftehamn to Nässjö

 Rd2 1080 and Rc4 1168


 Same train 4325 I saw earlier in Grötingen, now in Norrhög

 Main line through upper Northland next to Hennan lake


 Abandoned station
 Ticket counter

 Hennan station

 Train 9102

 Re 1431 and 1426

 The railway passing through lake Storsjön near Hennan

 Train 9124
 Re 1435 and 1424

 Train 5960 from Hallsberg to Ånge
 Rc4 1142

 Last stop for me today is in Ljusdal
 T66 406 and Vectron 243 108

 Old railway hotel in Ljusdal, now a restaurant

 Train 41917

 Train 41961

 Wheel set from steam locomotive SJ E4 1651

 Timber transport were overtaken by Hector rail after the bankruptcy of Rush Rail

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