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Vojens, Wrist, Schwanheide, Hagenow Land, Schwerin

Day 3 of my Interrail trip summer 2018. Today I'm leaving Denmark and head to Germany.
 Kolding station in the morning
 Same seagull I saw the day before

My first train is this Intercity Lyn to Vojens
 Coffee in 1st class is free of charge

 Vamdrup station

 This train service has Sønderborg as its final destination
 IR4 train at Vojens
 Vojens station is located along with "Den østjyske længdebane" railway between Frederikshavn and Padborg.
 Current station building is from 1966
 DSB Class MQ or Siemens Desiro
 Not sure what this train is doing here, as it's mainly used on Svendborgbanen line

 EG 3108

 The line between Vamdrup and Padborg was electrified in 1997 for the new railway connection from Copenhagen/Sweden to Germany.

 Intercity train from Aarhus to Flensburg
 At Flensburg there is a change of trains from Danish to German
Regional Express to Hamburg is on the other side of the platform.
 The train from Flensburg to Hamburg has more space than the DSB train to Flensburg, at least in the 1st class


 Rendsburg High Bridge over Kiel canal

 At Neumünster I take a short break as I need to buy new soles for my shoes

 I also pay a visit to my favourite fast food place - Nordsee

 CFL Class 1500 is a Vossloh G1206 diesel hydraulic freight locomotive

 Strabag railway construction equipment

 DB Class 445, Bombardier Twindexx EMU used here by NAH.SH Schleswig-Holstein and the line RE7 Hamburg-Kiel/Flensburg

 Two train sets are coupled together here at Neümunster before continuing the journey to Hamburg

 A1 line to Hamburg Eidelstedt
 RB63 line to Büsum

 DABpzfa 445 is manufactured in 2017

 Next stop for me is at Wrist. The station is located along Altona-Kiel railway and it was opened in 1844.
 Nordbahn line from Hamburg Altona terminates here at Wrist
 Intercity train passing by
IC 2407 Flensburg-Köln

DB Class 708 is an overhead wire revision motor coach

Railway crossing is often closed here due to busy traffic

Traxx F140 AC1 185 055

IC3 from Aarhus to Hamburg
17 out of 92 IC3 trains are equipped with German control system Indusi (PZB), so they can be used also here in Germany.

DB Class 112

Regional Bahn train with DB Class 112

RB70 to Kiel
From Wrist I'm taking Stadler Flirt 3 (ET 5.03) train to Elmshorn

Changing train at Elmshorn

From Elsmhorn it's not far until Hamburg. Here is a Hamburg S-Bahn train

Passing by a Flixtrain
At Hamburg Hbf I make a quick change from one RE to another. This time it's a RE1 service eastwards
I'm now travelling along the 286km long Hamburg-Berlin railway. It is a railway with top speed of 230km/h. Here at Büchen station, RE trains have to let the faster trains pass by.

The train stop here lasts for around 10min

Art exhibition near Büchen station
After the division of Germany, a border was established between Büchen and Schwanheide. I'm now visiting Schwanheide which was a check point station for cross-border rail services.
Special protection is installed due to high speeds of the passing trains
DB Class 120
Border control station built in the 80's

DB Class 145

Old border control station is now abandonded

DB Class 140 from Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam
This locomotive was manufactured in 1973
140 876 and 140 656

DB Class 101 and an Intercity train

RE1 between Rostock and Hamburg is the only service that stops here. It is also named "Hanse-Express"
Communism style architecture

193 319 and 193 309 Vectron MS locomotives
These two locomotives are approved for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Netherlands and they have been in service since April 2018


I'm taking the next RE1 train

I've arrived to Schwerin, which will be the town where I spend the night
The railway between Schwerin and Hagenow Land is one of the oldest in Germany, it is from 1847. The station here in Schwerin is from 1890

My hotel (to the right) is located just next to the station
From Wikipedia: "The square in front of the station is named Grunthalplatz in memory of Marianne Grunthal, who was hanged from a lamppost by SS guards shortly before the end of World War II for welcoming the news of Hitler's death."
Stadler Regio-Shuttle RS1 used here by service RB13 Schwerin-Parchim
After checking in to my hotel, I take a last round trip to Hagenow Land station. RE1 is here hauled by DB Class 182 (Siemens Eurosprinter ES 64 U2)

After a short trip I'm at Hagenow Land
Hagenow Land station is located 2.5km from the centre of Hagenow town

Hagenow Land station
Railway towards Berlin to the right and towards Schwerin to the left

Another RE1 with DB Class 120

RB14 to Parchim
193 330 and 193 355 Vectron MS

EMD JT42CWR or British Class 66 is an electro-motive diesel locomotive
The locomotive has Ascendos Rail Leasing livery, but is now used by BRLL - Beacon Rail Leasing

193 509 from PLP Cargo

185 198 Traxx F140 AC1

Former water tower close to the station

Former post office

Just as I expected there would be many freight trains passing through this station. Here is a 186 139 Traxx F160 MS with labels covering Germany, Austria and Poland
The locomotive is hired to ITL - Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH

The freight train stopped here to let a high speed passenger train pass

ICE-T on the way from Hamburg to Berlin

Back on main track

The last train for me today is this RE1 back to Schwerin

Regional Express train to Berlin and Hamburg at Schwerin station
Schwerin is the capital and second-largest city of the northeastern German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
St.Pauls-Gemeinde Gemeindebüro

Schweriner Dom St. Marien und St. Johannis

Trains everywhere

State Chancellery

Schwerin Palace built in romantic Historicism style

East german architecture
Schwerin Cathedral

Schirmkinder (Umbrella children) sculpture/fountain by Stephan Horota

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