Saturday, July 14, 2018

Flemingsberg, Kävlinge, Svågertorp

Today is the start of my annual Interrail trip through Europe (from Sweden to Spain and back). I will visit more than 60 towns (short visits), and the trip will last for 3 weeks.
 I'm leaving my home early in the morning.
 First - a bus to the station.
 From Årstaberg station, I'm taking the train south bound. Due to railway works in the summer, long distance trains are leaving from other stations than the central one, my train will leave from Flemingsberg.
 The train I will take is a Snälltåget to Malmö. Here it is passing next to my commuter train on the way to Flemingsberg.
 X60 and Vectron locomotive of Snälltåget
 Flemingsberg is also called Stockholm Syd - it is usually a station serving both commuter and regional trains.

 Today, my trip goes to Lund and Malmö. I've decided to stop there due to the long trip from Stockholm, due to several railway works the trip is taking more time than usually.
 For some reason, Vectron locomotives were both at the front and the rear of the train. Later on during the trip, it will turn out that the rear locomotive will be at help.
 The two locomotive have the numbers 193 253 and 193 254

 All regional trains terminate also here in Flemingsberg. This means that the locomotive hauled trains have to switch the direction of the locomotive.
 Bmpz coaches of Snälltåget
 Train number 3941 to Malmö
 Bmpz coaches are from 70's, they were built for DB, but during the 00's were used by NS in Netherlands. They were refurbished in 2002 by PFA Weiden, and later in 2017 by Atelierele CFR Grivita.

 Snälltåget reaching 200km/h
 Södertälje Syd
 Breakfast in the restaurant coach

 Rd2 in Norrköping

 At Kimstad, our train stops for almost an hour. There is something wrong with the front locomotive, so the train driver decides to use the rear one.
 Rear locomotive is switching position to front

 The summer is unusually warm in 2018. Here is a beach near Nässjö.
 Rc4 in Hässleholm
 Instead of taking the Hässleholm-Lund route, the train is taking a route through Åstorp and Teckomatorp. Here I'm passing by Västra Torup
 185 330 from DB Schenker Rail
 Both passenger and freight trains are re-routed through this line, which makes it very busy.
 Both locomotives are now at the front

 X61 Pågatåg at Kävlinge station

 Train 44771 from Älmhult to Germany
 During my trip through Denmark, I will see several freight train operated by DBSRS

 Kävlinge station

 X2 train at Kävlinge

 From Kävlinge I'm taking Pågatåg train to Västra Ingelstad
 Malmö freight rail yard
 Västra Ingelstad (former Jordholmen).
 Kontinentalbanan railway between Malmö and Trelleborg did not had any passenger services for many years until 2015 when new Pågatåg services started.

 Snälltåget service between Malmö and Berlin is also using this railway
 Train 301 is a short 30min line to Trelleborg, where the passenger coaches are transported by ferry to Sassnitz in Germany.
 X61 from Trelleborg

 193 254 is same locomotive that came from Stockholm today

 BC2 coaches to Berlin

 Jordholmen station

 Svågertorp station in Malmö was once used by regional and long distance trains. After the opening of the Citytunnel it is now only serving Pågatåg trains to Simrishamn/Ystad and Trelleborg

 Hyllie station
 A cat is enjoying the evening sun

 Sibbarp beach in Malmö

 Öresundståg travelling to Copenhagen
 X2 train

 Copenhagen on the other side of the strait

 Triangeln station

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