Saturday, January 16, 2021

Ljusdal, Sveg, Östersund

Today I'm heading north as well, this time I will be traveling with Inlandsbanan.
My plan is to go from Sveg to Östersund with Inlandsbanan. The fastest way to get to Sveg is by taking SJ Intercity train to Ljusdal, then the bus to Sveg.
SJ Intercity train at Ljusdal
Today is a cold and sunny day

Green Cargo train 4911 is passing by Ljusdal

Bus 56 from Ljusdal to Sveg
Sveg airport

The bus is taking road 84 through Härjedalen province

Kårböle church

A moose hiding in the forest
Älvros church
I've arrived at Sveg

Sveg train station
I have some hours before the train to visit Sveg

Sveg has one of the two combined rail and car bridges along Inlandsbanan, the other one is near Moskosel
The first train went on this bridge in 1908, and it is today named after Henning Mankell who was raised here in Sveg and mentioned the bridge in two of his books
The river Ljusnan

It's cold

Sveg church

"World's Largest Wooden Bear"

Time for a semla

I'm enjoying the moment of silence before my train is arriving
Here it is

It is Y1 1328

At Röjan there is a stop to pick up passengers from nearby Vemdalen ski resort

Arriving at Östersund
Soon I will be taking the night train, but now I have some time to visit Östersund


The night train is arriving from Duved


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