Monday, January 4, 2021

Arvika, Edane, Charlottenberg

Today I will be visiting Värmland, and the border town Charlottenberg 
From December 2020, there is a timetable change, there are now several direct services between Degerfors and Charlottenberg.
Operated by Värmlandstrafiken, together with VY

At Kil, there is a longer stop
Green Cargo train 5552 to Karlstad
I have arrived at Arvika

X52 9081

One of the first really cold days this winter season

Warm coffee to go
X53 9050 at Edane

Edane station

Train 41603 to Koppang in Norway

243 105 Vectron 
This locomotive will go only until Kongsvinger, the railway between Kongsvinger and Koppang, Solørbanen is not electrified so there will another locomotive

Värmeln lake

Arvika once again

Hector Rail 40101 has just arrived from Värtan in Stockholm, and has already left the biomass wagons here in Arvika
143 061 and 143 064

T43 229 
At Charlottenberg it's not only cold but there is also snow
X52 9082

There is usually cross border traffic provided both by SJ and Värmlandstrafik, but since almost a year ago, SJ trains are terminated at Karlstad, and all Värmlandstrafik trains are operated only until Charlottenberg.

The large shopping mall in Charlottenberg is usually crowded with Norwegians shopping here everything from clothes to alcohol, but not anymore

Many shops are still open, but there are no customers

There is a green light at the direction to Norway
Freight trains are the only trains allowed to cross the border
Train 41605 to Lillestrøm
243 111

The town of Charlottenberg
Statue of Charlotta Berg, the wife of Lars Daniel Larsson - the founder of the local ironworks
The bus service to Kongsvinger is still in operation, but I wonder who is traveling...

Now it's time for train 41632 from Kongsvinger to Karlstad

243 105 is now returning from Norway

The train is filled with timber from Norway

The map of Värmlandsbanan until Charlottenberg
I'm back at Arvika

Waiting for the train back to Degerfors
Train 48320 to Norway

TMZ 108

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