Sunday, January 17, 2021

Ängelholm, Hässleholm

I'm arriving with a night train from Östersund to Göteborg
As always I'm having my breakfast in the restaurant car on the train. Since the timetable change in December, the night train is now arriving earlier at Göteborg than before, at 8:10 instead of 10:25


From Göteborg I'm traveling to Ängelholm with Øresundståg
It's not often there is snow here in the south of Sweden

X31 at Ängelholm

From Ängelholm I'm taking a bus to Hässleholm

X61 at Hässleholm

TX Logistik train 23525 with 185 418

Green Cargo 5617 with Rd2 1038

Keeping the distance at the cafe

BLS Rail 43006 with Rc3 1051 and 1053


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