Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Laxå, Hallsberg

Today after a short visit to Laxå, I will spend about 3 hours at Hallsberg station - one of the most important railway hubs in Sweden. During these 3 hours, I will be watching 20 freight trains arriving and departing - an interesting observation of how much freight is transported by trains in Sweden.
First, a blurry photo of the water tower in Laxå

Västtåg 7215 from Örebro to Falköping
X52 9038
Green Cargo 5560 to Hallsberg
Rd2 1133

The church in Laxå, Ramundeboda kyrka is open

I'm now in the northern part of Laxå, where the railway from Värmland is connecting to Västra Stambanan
Hector Rail train 20756 from Kristinehamn to Hallsberg
841 004 is a former T43 225

Tågab 47084 Alvesta-Kristinehamn
Rc2 1045

CFL Cargo 49391 from Storå to Göteborg
The one and only Traxx3 in Sweden, 187 400

Tågab 48432 from Falköping to Kristinehamn

Rc2 008 is a former ÖBB 1043.08

At the beginning of 2021, I can spot the timetable from 2016 at Hallsberg station
One of the busiest stations in Sweden
X2, Rc6, and ER1
RRS 42951 from Umeå to Göteborg with Rc4 1268

SJ Intercity from Karlstad to Stockholm

Not much snow here in Hallsberg, but there is more snow where this train came from
Green Cargo 5921 from Ånge to Hallsberg
Rc4 1309 and 1167

Tågfrakt 49600 from Folkesta to Göteborg
Rc4 1146


Hector Rail 40981 from Frövi to Hallsberg
441 001

X51 9020
Green Cargo 4911 from Umeå to Malmö
Rc4 1170

RRS 42057 from Gammelstad (Luleå) to Göteborg
Rc4 1306

Green Cargo 6635 from Örebro to Hallsberg
T44 339

Waiting hall at the station
Train 75941 Frövi-Hallsberg
Rc4 1151 and 1285
Train 4602 to Umeå
Rd2 1116
Green Cargo 9050 from Göteborg to Borlänge
Rd2 1032 and Rc4 1276

Train 6639 from Kumla to Örebro
T44 270

Green Cargo 5909 from Ånge to Hallsberg
Rc4 1307 and 1149

TX Logistik 44209 Bro-Malmö
185 675

Green Cargo 9411 Södertälje-Göteborg

Rd2 1099

T44 270 with Rc4 1286 and 1304

CFL Cargo 49520 Göteborg-Avesta Krylbo
Rc4 1144

Green Cargo 6672 Köping-Hallsberg

SJ 81483 to Kristinehamn

Green Cargo 4465 Jordbro-Hallsberg

Rc4 1267

Mälartåg from Hallsberg to Stockholm

Tågab 47022 Vislanda-Kristinehamn

Rc2 006


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