Sunday, January 10, 2021

Anundsjö, Björnsjö

I'm still in Västernorrland region, today I will visit Anundsjö and Björnsjö.
Örnsköldsvik station in the morning
CFL Cargo train in returning empty from Husum, now as train 49493 to Boxholm

Train 4325 to Helsingborg at Anundsjö station

Anundsjö village has just a few buildings

Located about 1km from Anundsjö is a bit larger town of Bredbyn. 
Anundsjö church in Bredbyn

Central street of Bredbyn - Köpmangatan

Bus station at Bredbyn

Green Cargo 9118 to Luleå

Mb 4007 and 4005


A farm at Björnsjö
Björnsjö station

A small fight

CargoNet 41919

185 692


Train back to Stockholm


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