Thursday, July 18, 2019

Monaco, Ventimiglia, Antheor, Cannes

Today I'm spending a day at the French Riviera, as there are many interesting places to visit around Nice.
 First, I'm checking the St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral

 It is the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe and it opened in 1912

 Advertisement for French carpool service BlaBlaCar
 Car parking named after Russian Tsar

 One of the most famous places in Nice is of course Promenade des Anglais

 Fontaine du Soleil

 Promenade du Paillon
 Iron man competition in Nice

From Nice station I'm first taking a train eastbound to Monaco

 Église Sainte-Dévote

 Opéra de Monte-Carlo

 Posh cars in Monaco
 Jardins de la Petite Afrique

 There are many stairs here in Monaco

 Continuing with the train to Ventimiglia

 Looks like I'm in Italy already

 French Regio 2N train arriving to Ventimiglia
 The station was opened at the end of 1871 and renamed Ventimiglia International station in 1882
From Wikipedia: "The station of Ventimiglia is electrified at 1.5 kV. This may seem surprising, because the Italian railway system is electrified at 3 kV DC, and the Marseille–Ventimiglia line is electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz AC. However, the locomotives operating on the line into France have to be multi-system anyway, because Marseille railway station is also electrified at 1.5 kV. The Italian trains operate in the station area at half power."

 Mercato Comunale

 Backpackers in Ventimiglia
 Having a lunch in Italy

 Regio 2N, Z55500 is a EMU with 8 coaches, manufactured in 2016. It is supporting both 1.5kV and 25kV power systems

 Italian Regional train

 I'm not travelling any further today in Italy, instead I'm heading westbound to other places at French Riviera. Here is the first floor of Regio 2N

 Second floor of Regio 2N

 If sitting at the left side when travelling westbound, there are great views of the sea and beaches

 Message in English

 There is a longer stop here in Nice, but the train from Ventimiglia continues all the way to Cannes
 Ouigo train in Nice

 Price list of fines for passengers without a ticket
 The last stop for this train is Cannes la Bocca

 Many cruise ships here in Cannes. However they need to be parked out at sea, as there is no harbour for so large ships

 TER train to Marseille
Class BB 22200

 Class Z23500 TER2N is my next train from Cannes la Bocca

 French Riviera is called Côte d'Azur in French, which comes from the colour of the sea here
 Arriving at Antheor station
 TER2N is a double deck EMU with 2 coaches and it was manufactured in 1997

 The reason I'm at this station is because of the Viaduc d'Anthéor
 The viaduct was built in 1860 and has a length of 173m

 My goal is to get a better view of the viaduct
 There is a very long stairs
 Then a road
 Finally, I'm reaching a point with a great view

 TER train to Marseille

 Cap Roux mountain is 454m above sea level
 I have been wearing this wristband all the time, now I have reached one of the highlights of this trip
Speaking of Interrail, with each purchase of the pass they send you a map. On the cover of 2015 edition (in the middle), they had a photo from exactly same spot I'm visiting now.

 I have been waiting for some time here, now finally a TGV train is passing

 TGV Lyria Euroduplex train

 In order to reach the top I have do walk into a so called gated community, I had luck that the gate was open both ways

 Taking the train back from Antheor

 Inside TER2N

 TER2N at Cannes

 Cannes is obviously famous for its film festival

 Église Notre Dame de Bon Voyage

 Walk of fame

 Red carpet

 24C in the water

 I'm taking TER 2N NG back to Nice
 TER trains are really crowded here in the rush hour

 This red TER 2N NG was purchased by Monaco, I was told last time I visited this place
 Some views of Nice by night

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