Monday, July 8, 2019

Køge Nord, Roskilde

The rest of July I will spend by travelling around Europe visiting 13 different countries.
This is basically one of the few busses I'm taking on this trip, here from my home to the nearest station Årstaberg.
X60 train at Årstaberg
Due to reconstruction of the bridge south of Stockholm C, all long distance trains southbound are departing from Stockholm södra (south) station.
Location of the right coach can be found on this map.
4 types of trains are departing from Stockholm södra. Locomotive hauled trains are departing from Flemingsberg station or Södertälje Hamn.
X2 train arriving to Stockholm södra
This was supposed to be my train all the way to Copenhagen. Unfortunately SJ decided that Malmö will be the last station, I will write more about this later.
Freight train in Mjölby

During the summer it is possible to purchase sparkling wine on SJ trains.

As I mentioned it was announced that Malmö would be final destination for this train. This is due to that X2 train for this trip is not approved of crossing the bridge. Why SJ could not solve this problem is a riddle for me.
However, I decided to switch to an Öresundståget train here in Lund, I just had to walk to the other side of the platform.
New railway is being built between Lund and Malmö
DB EG locomotives in Malmö

A freight train on the way to Denmark

SJ night train in Malmö


Arriving to Copenhagen
X31 train in Copenhagen
Next is a double deck train to Roskilde

It is a short trip to Roskilde from Copenhagen
Roskilde station

I will spend the night in this hotel

Once named hotel Prindsen, today it is part of the hotel chain Zleep

Not bad view from the window
Roskilde cathedral
A jacuzzi in the bathroom - not working
I will now travel from Roskilde to the new station Køge nord which opened 1st of June 2019 together with the new high speed line from Copenhagen to Ringsted.
Here is DSB ME locomotive from 1981 hauling a double deck coach train. From 2021 this type of locomotive will be replaced with Siemens Vectron.
DSB MQ, Siemens Desiro at Roskilde
Regional train in push pull traction
Another ME locomotive

ME 1520

I'm now taking IC3 train from Roskilde to Ringsted
The new railway near Ringsted
IC3 in Ringsted

From Roskilde I'm taking this IC4 train to the new station Køge nord. The new railway was supposed to have ETCS signalling but due to difficulties with installing the equipment onboard current rolling stock, the line got the ATC signalling.

DSB Re train from Ringsted to Østerport station through Køge nord. Due to installation of the temporary solution with ATC, the new line has some limitations on the amount of trains possible for operations.
Leaving Ringsted

The new line is built for ETCS

IC4 at Køge nord station

The new station is connecting Regional and Long distance trains with S-tog commuter train

Two long platforms and 5 tracks

Minimalistic Danish design

The station bridge is built over the E20/E47 highway
S-tog line

At the end of the bridge is this window
One can rest here while waiting for the train

On the other side of the bridge is the parking and bus stop

The bridge can be seen from here
ETCS together with conventional ATC and red/green signalling
IC3 train
Long distance intercity train

I'm now taking S-tog to the Ølby station

Here I'm switching to Re train back to Roskilde

MQ train to Roskilde

I'm now taking the railway called Lille Syd which stretches between Roskilde and Næstved

Passing by the area of Roskilde music festival which has just been finished

Drinking Danish beer in Roskilde
After eating dinner I'm returning to the station and it seems that it was time for the freight trains to start their operations. At the time of this photograph all freight trains were still using the old line through Roskilde, however starting from October 2019 it was planned that the freight trains would use the new line through Køge Nord.
EG locomotive

I have no information about approaching trains here in Denmark (like I have in Sweden), however when seeing this message, it is most probably that a freight trains is approaching, alternatively a train so called Lyntog (fast train).
In this case it was a Lyntog
ME 1511
Electric version of ME is named EA. This type of locomotive is also manufactured by Henschel, and it was used in service from 1986 at the time when the first railway in Denmark was electrified.

241 009 "Moneypenny" from Hector Rail is passing by in Roskilde
Hector Rail is operating several lines between Germany and Sweden through Denmark

185 321-4 Traxx AC2 from DB Cargo


Manufactured by ABB Henschel

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