Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Frövi, Mosås, Svartå

Today I will see 15 freight trains and many passengers trains.
I'm starting in Frövi which is connecting railways from 4 different direction. Here I am standing at near road 249 at the "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" railway northbound from Frövi, where a banvaktstuga "Haga" was once located.
Train 47566 from Kristinehamn
Tågab Rc2 007

Train 9093 Borlänge-Karlshamn

Rd2 1091

Now moving on to Mälarbanan railway eastbound from Frövi and Vanneboda banvaktstuga.

Train 49600 from Folkesta to Skandiahamnen, operated by Tågfrakt AB
Rc4 1146 from Nordic Re-Finance

Bergslagsbanan northwest from Frövi, and now it has started to rain
Train 9133 from Borlänge to Oxelösund
Re 1423, Traxx F140 AC2

Empty steel coaches

Train 4911 Umeå-Malmö
Rc4 1290

Train 9130 from Oxelösund to Borlänge
Br 5404 has recently been repainted from red DB to green GC livery. The locomotive was named then 185 404

This train is filled the load from SSAB steel works in Oxelösund
Train 5711 Borlänge-Malmö

Rc4 1176

Moving now on southbound from Frövi, here is Ervalla station
Railway crossing, the message says "do not cross when the light is off".
Bridge over Dyltaån

Train 66978 Hallsberg-Umeå near Mosås
Rc4 1196

A cat trying to cross the tracks

The cat could make it before the next train
Train 9050 Skandiahamnen-Borlänge
Rc4 1168

A very painted Tåg i Bergslagen pass by Mosås

Train 5011 Haparanda-Hallsberg
2 locomotives in use, 1 is idle
Rd2 1121, 1041 and Rc4 1316

X55 as train 674

Another X55 as train 10637

X52 from VTAB

Train 44203 Bro-Malmö
TX Logistics is running this Coop train
185 674 Traxx F140 AC2

Tågab train 27053 is approaching Svartå from the east
Rc3 1040
Train 6604 Kristinehamn-Hallsberg is approaching Svartå from the west

The two trains meet here. Seems that 6604 was a slower train than planned since the passenger train had to stop completely here.
Rc4 1175

X52 9082

Train 48804 from Bålsta to Norway

Tågab Rc2 002


SJ Intercity
Train 5662 Grums-Hallsberg
Rd2 1101

Train 45948 from Norway to Hallsberg
Rc4 1268

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