Monday, April 2, 2018

Valskog, Kolbäck, Karbenning

Sunny day as well on Easter Monday. I'm returning to Stockholm after a holiday in the country, here passing by Vretstorp once again.

Tågab TMY 103 from 1956
Until 1993 it was used by DSB

At Valskog, I see an unusual train on Mälarbanan railway. Due to the railway works between Stockholm Central and Södra, the trains to/from Göteborg are taking north route through Västerås.
MTR Express X74 in double traction
Valskog station
X2 at Valskog
Valskog church far away

In Kolbäck, another X2 passing by.

Kolbäck is a junction station between Mälarbanan (Stockholm-Örebro), railway from Västerås to Ludvika and railway to Eskilstuna and Oxelösund. A freight train is waiting before entering Kolbäck station.
X50 in double traction stopping at Kolbäck

The train is used on UVEN route (Uppsala-Västerås-Eskistuna-Norrköping).

Due to the railway work between Hallsberg-Mjölby, many freight trains have to take another route on the north south trip.

Rc4 1162

X40 on the route Stockholm-Göteborg, "här och där-tåg".

I'm taking a tour north of Kolbäck, here stopping by at Virsbo station.

A freight train passing by near Ombenning

Nature reserve Kråksten

Karbenning station along "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen", built in 1900.
The station is almost identical to Sällinge, Spannarboda and Skinnskatteberg, all designed by Folke Zettervall.

Freight train with two Rd2 is passing by Karbenning

One of the last phone booths

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