Saturday, April 21, 2018

Kimstad, Mjölby

After a long and cold winter, the spring has finally arrived, and I'm taking a tour to Östergötland.
 X40 as SJ Intercity service Gävle-Linköping
 Rc6 för SJ Regional Stockholm-Norrköping
 A short ride with Östgötapendeln, and I'm in Kimstad
 Kimstad had a station until beginning of the 1970's, the station was re-opened in 2009, now located further east from the old station.
 There a short walk distance from the new to the old station

 The old station building is still there, now served as a residence
 X2 to Malmö

 Spring is in the air

 Kimstad church
Old station from the front view

 In Kimstad there is a branch railway to Finspång, once part of the NÖJ (Norra Östergötlands Järnvägar).
 Today there is only freight trains on the line to Finspång
 The freight train from Finspång to Norrköping
 Snälltåget to Malmö


 Mjölby was once a major railway station with a large roundhouse.

 Roundhouse is still there but it is not used by trains

 Mjölby-Hästholmens Järnväg was operated between 1910-1990

 Bridge over Svartån river in Mjölby

 Mjölby station
 Tågab freight train on Södra stambanan railway

 T43 from Swedtrac (Nordic Re-Finance)
 X54 9068 Tåg i Bergslagen

 One of my favourite spots for taking photos, in Jakobshyttan


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