Sunday, April 1, 2018

Edsvalla, Brålanda, Forshem

 On Easter day I'm taking a tour around lake Vänern, starting from the north along Vänerbanan, which was earlier called Bergslagernas Järnvägar.
 Edsvalla station


 CargoNet EL16 2214


 RCL train 35233 from Kornsjö to Charlottenberg. RCL stands for Railcare
 Ma 404 "Askeladden" and Ma 406 "Kvitebjørn", both manufactured in 1953, today owned by Norsk Transport AS

 Tågab train to Stockholm at Köpmannebro.
 Dalsland Canal is starting here near Lake Vännern

 Dalsland Canal


 Mellerud was once a junction station between railways towards Norway and Falun.
 Brålanda station

 Last stop for me at Norge/Vänerbanan is Frändefors.

 Tågab train to Falun is passing by Frändefors.

 Rc3 1040, and coaches B1, ABS2 and B5


 Älvsborgsbanan and the bridge over Göta älv river

 Hällekis station at Kinnekullebanan railway

 Forshem station

 Y1 1272 is passing by Forshem

 Birds are arriving to Sweden after a long winter

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