Saturday, April 28, 2018

Nossebro, Långenäs

Today I'm visiting some places in Västergötland without actually seeing any train in use. 
 First, I'm stopping in Nossebro. VGJ (Västergötland-Göteborgs Järnvägar), a narrow gauge railway was once passing here. It was removed in 1970.
 From Nossebro, there was also a branch railway to Trollhättan.
 The railway is gone, but the station house is still there.
 All stations along the line were designed by Adrian C. Peterson
 The narrow gauge network reached towns like Skara, Mariestad, and Vara.

 Another station along the line is Sollebrunn

 The only parts of the railway that have been left are between Gräfsnäs and Anten and between Lundsbrunn and Skara, they are used as heritage railways during the summer.

 Kvarnabo station

 AGJ (Anten Gräfsnäs Järnväg) is preparing for the summer season. Here are the YCo5p railcar

 One of the most beautiful stations in Sweden is Långenäs. It is located near Göteborg, alone the Kust till kust banan (Coast to coast railway) from Göteborg to Kalmar.
 Designed by Teodor Folcke.

 Hindås station designed by Yngve Rasmussen in 1907

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