Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hallsberg, Sunne

Today I'm travelling to Sunne in Värmland.
 Passing over bridge in Årstabay


 A longer stop in Vingåker
My regional train has to let pass the high speed train to Göteborg

 Tågab passenger train to Stockholm

 Tågab freight train

 SJ Regional train is arriving to Hallsberg

 Y31 "Itino" arriving from Mariestad
 Green Cargo post train

 Rc4P where "P" is for post.
 Another freight train with two Rc4

 MTR Express X74


 3 competing companies are running trains from Hallsberg to Stockholm
 After taking X2 train from Hallsberg to Karlstad, it is time to board the regional train to Sunne
 Värmlandstrafik is operating these two Y31 "Itino" trains

 Y31 is operating non-electrified Frykdalsbanan railway from Kil to Torsby.

 Vectron in Kil

 Frykdalsbanan is following the Fryken lakes, a chain of three lakes with a length of 80km, but only 3km wide at the widest part.

 Y31 has arrived to Sunne

 Sunne church
 Railway station

 Middle Fryken lake

 Betel chapel

 "Sagovägen" by Marja i Myrom in Sunne

 The building has a cinema

 Many pizzerias here

 Hotel Svea

 Selma Lagerlöf monument in Sunne

 Artscape project in Sunne - Tatiana Suarez


 Roundhouse in Sunne

 Same train back to Karlstad

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