Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stockholm and Tågab

 X60 pendeltåg at Årstaberg station
 A very long SJ Regional train from Linköping to Stockholm.

 Rc6 locomotive at Stockholm Central. This one is used for the night train from Narvik.
 Rc6 and X2

 Tågab is a private train company started in 1994 with freight traffic. From 2009 the company is offering passenger train services from Karlstad to Göteborg/Falun and from 2015 from Karlstad to Stockholm. Today I'm taking the Stockholm train.
 I'm taking AB3 coach which is a mixed 1st and 2nd class coach (for each half of the car).
 Waiting for a meeting train.
 AB3 coach was built in the 60's. Today they only exist in Tågab and Snälltåget services.

 Approaching Hallsberg rail yard, the largest in the Nordic.

 Hallsberg station
 Katrineholm station
 Inside the AB3 compartment
 Approaching Stockholm
 Stockholm södra station

 1st class is separated from 2nd class by a door
 Today's train consist of 3 coaches, AB3, ABS5 and B1. This is a photo inside an ABS5 coach which is a 2nd class coach with a bar.

 The doors are opened and closed manually.
Rc3 locomotive from Tågab. It is painted with SSRT colours and it has been rented from SSRT to Tågab.
 The train has arrived to Stockholm. After 40min it is getting back to Karlstad.
 This late Tågab service operates only on Sunday's. Other days there is a day time service.
Tågab train is the only at this late hours making stops in Flen, Katrineholm and Karlstad.

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