Sunday, March 27, 2016

Scandinavian circle 1 - Dombås, Hamar, Oslo, Moss

Time to move on further south and then back to Sweden.
 BM73 is arriving in Dombås.
 My next stop is Hamar. The regiontog train is continuing to Oslo.
 Hamar together with Lilehammer hosted winter olympic games in 1994.
 In Norway there are railway staff at each station.
 R10 Regionstog line between Drammen and Lillehammer. The train is named BM74 in Norway, also known as Stadler Flirt. Swedish X74 is an almost identical train (MTR Express).
 Tågab Rc2 locomotove

 BM74 to Drammen and BM92 from Røros
 BM74 can be linked up to 3 units, here is 2.
 Hamar station

 BM93 in Hamar
 BM92 in Hamar
 Inside the train station building
 BM73 from Oslo is arriving
 BM73 to Trondheim

 Vossloh 941
 Now it is time for me to leave Hamar. I'm taking R10 line from Hamar to Oslo, the trip of about 2h.

 Mjøsa - the largest lake in Norway
 Oslo airport - Gardermoen


 Arriving to Oslo
 BM74 is an intercity version, there is also a commuter version BM75.
 Oslo S
 BM74 was entering the service 2012
 On some routes BM74 replaced BM70, a train that entered the service in1992.
 Inside BM70
 I'm taking R20 to Moss
 BM70 units were built at Strömmens Verksted.
 Oslo harbour

 No passengers at Ski station
 Ski is an end station for L2 local line. BM69 are operating this line
 Arriving to Moss
 Moss station

 Train is continuing to Halden
 The bridge to harbour

 Moss station
 From Moss there is a ferry to Horten
 Ferries are leaving each 30 min

 Inside BM75, the commuter version of BM74
Message boards from the recent railway works
 In Norway tickets can be bought in/for mobile phones. It is displayed in NSB app. The ticket is controlled by "Control" button
When "Control" is selected, following picture is shown

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