Saturday, March 26, 2016

Scandinavian circle 1 - Trondheim, Dombås

From Trondheim, I am continuing my journey south with Regiontog, a long distance train service operated by state railway company NSB.
BM73 is a tilting high speed train (top speed 210km/h), developed by ADtranz/Bombardier in 1999-2001 and it belongs to the family of Swedish X31 (Öresundståg) and X2.
 BM73 has 4 coaches, with first and second class. BM73A (with bistro) is operated on lines from Oslo to Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim. BM73B (without bistro) is operated on line from Oslo to Halden/Göteborg.

 Cats and dogs are allowed in this coach
 BM73 at Trondheim
 Munkholmen fortress island

 Busses are used on the routes. The trip by train to Oslo takes 6,5h, by bus 8,5h. But there are of course other routes where no trains are available.

 Panorama window in the bistro coach.
 Bistro in BM73
 Today the train has 2 sets, totally 8 coaches. Even though the maximum allowed speed for this train is 210km/h, on this part of the line, it does not exceed 80km/h.
 Gaula river
 Meeting train
 Dovrebanan is the name of the line between Trondheim and Oslo. Here is the view of the bridge for E6 road running next to the railway.


 Between Kongsvoll and Hjerkinn the line has its highest peak at 1024m above sea level, but the line to Bergen has even higher peak - 1237m.


 The train is descending before approaching Dombås

 Dombås station serves changing between trains on Dovrebanen and Raumabanen railways.
Dombås station to the right built 1941, after germans bombed the previous one 1940.
 BM73 (to the left) for further trip to Oslo and BM93 (to the right) for passengers to Åndalsnes.
 It is not easy to find right coach (where pets are allowed) quickly
 BM93 is a tilting diesel multiple unit train also known as Bombardier Talent. Same train type is used in Germany and Austria.
All passengers have switched trains, the platform is empty
2 sets connected. It is however possible to connect up to 4 sets.

The are totally 15 units of this train in Norway. Here is 4 of them.
BM93 were built 2000-2002

Rauma line
Dovre line

Dombås village
For line Oslo-Trondheim there is also a locomotive hauled train.
NSB El 18 locomotive (same as Swiss Re 460) built 1996-1997.
The locomotive hauled train is using NSB B5 coaches built 1977-81. They were upgraded 2010 at Bombardier in Hungary.
Upgrading included new boogies
The train is leaving for Trondheim.

All trains left (the last ones for today), the station is closed and empty.

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