Friday, March 4, 2016


Today the trip goes from Björkliden to Narvik and later back to Stockholm.
 Here is IORE train at Björkliden

 Couchette compartment
 Vassijaure station

 Special snow protection can be seen along the railway

 Approaching Riksgränsen station


 The border between Norway and Sweden is inside the snow tunnel
 First stop in Norway is Bjornfjell

 Old railway bridge, not in use anymore
It looks like I'm not the only one taking pictures
 Katterat station
 The most spectacular part of the railway is between Riksgränsen and Narvik

 Ice-free fjord is already seen

 New bridge is being constructed, named Hålogaland bridge. When completed 2017 it will be Norway's 2nd longest suspension bridge after Hardangerbridge

 Final stop is Narvik

 Iron Ore is being loaded from trains to ships

 The train back to Stockholm is leaving at 15:12. Arriving to Stockholm next day at 10:23

 Since my last visit summer 2015 the station building has been repainted to yellow, a bit strange choice of colour according to my opinion.

 Abisko Östra
 Boden station
 A longer stop here in Boden due to re-connection with train from Luleå.

 Double tractioned Rc6 will continue to Stockholm

 Now time to leave Boden, train is moving further south

Next morning, the winter is almost gone. Approaching Stockholm area.

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