Saturday, March 19, 2016

Örebro, Hallsberg

Sunny spring day in Örebro
Örebro castle

From the central bus station I'm taking a bus to nature reserve Oset

Last stop "Naturens hus"
Nature reserve Rynningeviken and Oset has an area of 742 hectare
River Svartån before ending up in lake Hjälmaren

More information about nature reserve can be found at Örebro municipality webpage

The area has a rich population of birds

Lake Hjälmaren was lowered by almost 2 meters at 1888. Here is a reminder (pole to the left).
Shopping mall Krämaren can be viewed from here

Supermarket open until 23:45 (why not 00:00...)
The view from Tybblekullen
Sankt Nikolai church
The spring is here
Örebro-Skebäck railway was until 2010 used for transports to Paper factory. Soon the railway will be demolished.
Another railway that started here was Norra Östergötlands Järnvägar, from Örebro to Norrköping, but it was demolished 1962
Örebro södra station

Kvarntorp hill
Tågkompaniet train in Hallsberg

Many trains are parked here

Arctic Rail Express train from Oslo to Narvik

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