Sunday, April 7, 2024

Västra Bodarna, Stenkullen, Aspen

Today I'm traveling from Norrköping to Göteborg
Central Norrköping in the morning

First I'm taking Mälartåg to Katrineholm
I just have 8 min to change trains, hope I will be on time

The train is on time and I just have to change to other side of the platform
MTRX to Göteborg, soon it will renamed to VR - the company from Finland that purchased MTRX recently
I think the business is really good for MTRX, even on a Saturday morning the train is almost full
In plus class there is a breakfast included, just as on SJ trains
Sandwich, juice, youghurt and coffee 
Passing through Hallsberg at full speed


Arriving at Alingsås. Here I will be switching to Västtrafik pendeltåg


Västra Bodarna
Västtåg Itino to Lidköping

A freight train on the way to Göteborg

Sävelången lake 

X52 was repainted blue instead av yellow



Green Cargo and Maersk




Here in Aspen, the railway is located next to the lake

187 407, CFL Cargo to Insjön

482 049


A little bit of history and heritage in Partille

Flixtrain has suspended services in Sweden, the wagons will be transported to Germany prior to the Euro 2024 championship

Night train at Göteborg C

New trams in Malmö

Nice views over Göteborg

Time to go back to Stockholm


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