Saturday, April 6, 2024


It's April in Sweden, but snow and cold weather still exist. Today, I'm heading to northern Skåne and hopefully warmer weather.
Snow melting
Sandahls train in Flen
TXL in Katrineholm
Snälltåget is doing almost 200km/h on parts of the railway
Snäll lager
When reaching Småland, it is even more snow

CFL at Nässjö/Gamlarp
Evacuation plan in Snälltåget for the Öresunds bridge
At Alvesta, I'm just in time for this TXL LKW Walter train
185 682
The train is coming from Trelleborg and it's on the way to Eskilstuna

Snälltåget is ready to leave


Fancy chairs from Olofström
Arriving at Killeberg
Modernized X2C

Time for Hector Rail

241 011, "C-3PO"

GC train from the south

Another GC

Alvesta - Tågab with new metro wagon for Stockholm

Far away is the 187 414 from CFL Cargo

More LKW Walter trains today, this one from Eskilstuna to Trelleborg seen from the window at Mjölby

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