Friday, April 5, 2024

Hengelo Oost, Almelo de Riet, Holten

On my way back to Sweden with a stopover in Amsterdam

Still snow in the Alps
1st class compartment in the Intercity train

Today, I'm heading as far as Hengelo Oost, which is near the German border
Trains from northern Germany are taking this route to the Netherlands
193 727, RTB Cargo with country package: D, A, NL, PL

No strike today, so there are normal operations to/from Germany - here is the Eurobahn train between Hengelo and Bielefeld
Now the rain starts, but it's not an obstacle for trainspotting
193 734, RFO 

Intercity Amsterdam-Berlin is now operated with Vectron, thus saving time on locomotive change at the border

Almelo de Riet

189 072 with a very short cargo

NS Class 1800, now used by freight
1828 from RFO

186 494, Lineas

1829, RFO at Almelo

And now I'm at my favourite station - Holten
But unfortunately it starts to rain a lot

193 955, RFO

Time for ice cream
1828 is back from Bad Bentheim

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