Friday, April 12, 2024

Gent Dampoort, Sinaai, Mechelen, Boortmeerbeek, Hambos

More photos from Belgium
Gent Dampoort station, located near the central Gent
Frequent freight trains here

Sinaai station on the railway Gent-Antwerp

266 009 on the way from Antwerp

186 234 and 186 115 on the way to Antwerp

Mechelen station

SNCB Class 13
1341 has country package B, L, F

At the time being, Mechelen station is a vast construction site, soon there will be a new and modern station here
Railway between Mechelen and Leuven, Boortmeerbeek station

The airport is nearby here


1337 and 1301

A bunch of Class 27 locomotives

Just when I was about to leave, this came in
BLS Cargo with Ambrogio cargo

186 151 and 186 154, Captrain

Time to go back


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