Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Pino Tronzano, Gallarate, Busto Arsizio

Today I'm heading to another favourite station - Pino Tronzano
It is on the other side of the lake from Stresa, so I have to take a detour through Gallarate. The alternative would be taking a boat, but it would take all day
Pino Tronzano is the last station in Italy before Switzerland, SBB is operating the trains here
The line is used by many freight trains running to/from Gotthard tunnel

A picturesque view at this station
189 995, SBB Cargo International

The line has a single track, so the trains have to wait for each other at certain stations with double tracks like here
Today is much better weather than yesterday, there are still some lower clouds
Somewhere in between the cargo trains, there are passenger services every 2h
193 490, Hupac (SBB Cargo)

Eurosprinter is on the way
474 002, manufactured in 2005

193 468

Nordic Bulkers AB

193 470

193 712

193 701

Just 2min away is the Ranzo S. Abbondio station located in Switzerland
I can't spot any freight trains here, but there are two cats instead
This one I saw a year ago, it is still scared of me
This is the place where they all goes

Trains from Domodossola are also using Gallarate station
193 302

475 424, BLS Cargo with Amrogio trailers

Busto Arsizio
From Gallarate the freight trains are continuing with Italian locomotives
652 014

652 120 with GetOil/Atir Rail at Stresa


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