Sunday, July 23, 2023

Cavi, Milano, Gallarate, Stresa

Sadly but true, I have to leave Cavi for this time, but the vacation is not over yet. Today I'm heading to Stresa, another combination of scenic views and the railway
Morning rush
483 312 and 494 551, ISC - INTERPORTO Servizi Cargo S.p.A. and DB Cargo Italia S.r.l.

I think it is a DB train, but it got some assistance from the Akiem Traxx
Traxx DC and DC3

A long and probably heavy train
Out of nowhere
494 021

Calm after storm

494 007

While the railway is congested and delayed, taking a car is not always much better - here a long queue near Milan to pay for the road
Classic trams in Milan

Next day I'm on my way to Stresa, here with a stop in Gallarate
In Gallarate it is possible to view arriving and departing trains from Switzerland
193 462 and 193 463

From Stresa, it is possible to take a boat to Isola Bella

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