Monday, July 24, 2023

Vogogna, Premosello, Baveno

It's still summer, but it feels like autumn today
My plan was to do some trainspotting on the line between Domodossola and Milano, but unfortunately, there has been some heavy storm near Milano, so the traffic would be heavy restricted for the rest of the day
In the morning I can spot some Eurocity trains at Vogogna

At Vogogna there are two railway lines, this one is a single track to/from Novara

First real freight train of the day

483 002 and 494 577, CTI - Captrain Italia S.r.l.

193 317

193 302

At Premosello it is possible to spot train on both lines
494 024 on the way to Novara

193 711 on the way to Novara
At this point, all trains on the line to/from Milano were cancelled for the rest of the day

The line to/from Novara is still open
So, how do I get back to Stresa? I take the Regional train to Gravellona Toce
Then I walk to Baveno
At Baveno I can take a boat to Stresa
Today my journey got a little bit different than originally planned, but that is also the beauty of travelling - to take it as it is


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