Saturday, August 6, 2022

Regensburg Prüfening, Undorf, Deuerling, Mausheim, Deining (Oberpfalz), Pölling

Day 28: From Regensburg to Leipzig
I have only two days left of my summer Interrail trip 2022, today I'm heading north to Leipzig
The railway between Regensburg and Nürnberg is a really busy one, with lots of trains on the main line between Germany and Austria
Here is a Eurosprinter on the way to Hamburg?

193 247 from ELL, hired to DB

182 601, Hupac/WRS Widmer Rail Services AG

Most freight trains here are carrying containers

I'm at Regensburg Prüfening station. Here is the ICE from Passau to Hamburg

193 601 and 193 223, WLC - Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH


193 615

185 246

ICE-T service to/from Vienna and various German towns: Hamburg, Dortmund, Frankfurt

Class 111 from the 70's - still in use 

187 503, Akiem/DB


185 305 and 185 319

193 760, ecco-rail

The flow of trains is neverending here
186 504, Lineas

agilis is the operator on the line here

ICE from Dortmund to Vienna
A bunch of ÖBB trains now

Various oil wagons from VTG, Wascosa, Millet, GATX etc

185 685, IGE
"Hör das signal, Berlin!" was a campaign in September 2020 where 20 different locomotives were passing by Berlin Stadtbahn with a loud signal from each of the locomotives. "The participants drew attention to the diversity of the industry and called for fair competitive conditions for more rail freight transport. The trigger for the demonstration was the planned unequal distribution of state aid in the Corona crisis." (

Routier Transport on the way to Romania
193 873, boxXpress

192 016, RTB Cargo
Smartron (Class 192) is a cheaper version of the Vectron (Class 193). This one is only able to operate in Germany
More RTB Cargo
193 564 and gas wagons

The locomotive belongs to RATH fleet, which RTB Cargo is part of

193 237, WLC

185 342

187 146

187 311
A bit unusual to see DB using locomotive from Railpool

Deining station 
The station is located 8km from the town, so it's a bit to walk... But I think this is my favorite station so far today
193 485, RTB Cargo

Train with grain

Why this station is so interesting? It's in the middle of nowhere, there are no people here and it has a really old and abandonded station building
ÖBB and DB in cooperation

I have seen German and Austrian locomotives, and now here is one from Czechia
383 001, ČD Cargo a.s.

I think this railway has all types of freight trains one can imagine

193 739, LTE

And now the highlight of today
159 229, evb

This train looks heavy

192 055, RheinCargo

185 226

A nice and cozy church nearby station

So, what's inside the station...

Not sure if it's ok to just walk in here, but the door was wide open
The last stretch before Nürnberg
RheinCargo at Pölling

193 871, boxXpress

193 754, WLC


193 856, boxXpress

182 508

185 047

From Nürnberg I have two choices for my trip to Erfurt, with ICE1 or ICE3

Ice cream wending machine at the platform

Here is ICE1
Here is ICE3

A nice meal at the train

Traveling on the newest high speed line in Germany



Waiting for my next train to Leipzig
ICE1 from Nürnberg is arriving now, it is obviously slower than ICE3
Now, on ICE4 to Leipzig

This train took a different route than scheduled



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