Thursday, August 4, 2022

Artegna, Venzone, Ugovizza-Valbruna

Day 26: From Udine to Villach
As the temperature is rising every day, I'm preparing for the outdoor activity with bottles of water
I'm still on Pontebba railway, here is Artegna station

Not a soul here, except for...
...a local cat


E464 is unusual sight here
189 401, DB Cargo Italia Services S.r.l.

This locomotive is approved for I and PL - both countries have indeed the same electrification system of 3kV, but how this locomotive would be able to travel between I and PL - is not clear


Note that the last two coaches are the ÖBB Dmsz - they are entirely used for bicycle transport

E464 went to Tarvisio to pick up this FS Class D.245

494 598


190 312, InRail S.p.A.

191 020

193 589, Adriafer S.r.l.

Now, there is a long stretch of tunnels ahead

The peak station along this railway is Ugovizza-Valbruna, 777m above sea level

1293 005 and 1293 040
1293 is approved for A, D, I, H, CZ, SK, HR, SLO

652 163

As I mentioned before, the railway was under constructions in July, seems that there are new tracks here

191 020

1293 022 and 1293 072

494 013

189 926, DB Cargo Italia S.r.l.

Special train 
Italian armed forces

One passenger on that train decided to get off here in Ugovizza Valbruna

193 655, InRail S.p.A.

The final train for today is the famous Micotra to Villach

View from my hotel in Villach
Local dish 


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