Saturday, August 20, 2022

Närke, Småland

Late summer weekend, with a bit dramatic weather and many freight trains
TX Logistik with Coop train in Örebro
185 670, this time clean

It has been a warm summer, but now it is late August - so the weather can be changed rapidly


Due to rail works near Göteborg, the trains are rerouted through Värmalnd
Here is an RRS train in Svartå

It's getting dramatic
My cat friend in Svartå
Next day in Mosås - RRS train to Göteborg

RRS train to Helsingborg in Örebro Södra

Green Cargo to Frövi

Hector Rail to Göteborg

DB Cargo from Germany in Runsala

Tågab to Falköping

Bodafors in Småland
Green Cargo to Hallsberg

Hector Rail to Falköping

Krösatåg to Växjö
Krösatåg to Jönköping

Hector Rail to Germany

Hector Rail to Katrineholm

Transitio train in Sommen
Same Hector Rail in Sommen


Snälltåget Vectron has a new livery, promoting the night train to Berlin

TX Logistik at Mjölby

Next day in Hallsberg

TX Logistik to Eskilstuna

Parked Hector Rail locomotives in Hallsberg

Sockenkyrkan near Hallsberg

Two Stadler trains

CFL Cargo to Göteborg

CFL Cargo in Laxå

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