Sunday, August 7, 2022

Priestewitz, Falkenberg (Elster), Doberlug-Kirchhain

Day 29 which is the last day of this summer Interrail trip
It's always sad on the last day of vacation, but soon I will be traveling again
Leipzig is really a tram city
Today I wanted to visit some stations along the line from Dresden to Falkenberg, but it looked like there was some track renovation
So, at Priestewitz I will change trains and then visit Falkenberg (Elster)
The station is located at Leipzig-Dresden railway

There are some freight trains here after all, here is 189 061

Now on the line to Falkenberg
At Falkenberg (Elster) there are freight trains in all directions
482 020 on the way to the border with Poland?
The freight train is coming from Halle, and it is on the way to Węgliniec

1 floor down, there are more freight trains

Below is the Jüterbog–Röderau railway

Back and forth

9 EUR ticket train

186 271, CTL Logistics
Also on the way to Poland

187 315, SETG


Here the direct trains from Dresden and Prague are on the way to Berlin

Intercity train with former westBahn Stadler
I'm on my way to the airport, now it is possible to take the Intercity train without changing in Berlin

A short visit at the nearby Schönefeld station
Not much to see here today

My direct flight from Easyjet to Stockholm was cancelled so I have to go through Göteborg

Changing flights in Göteborg


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