Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Pontecurone, Arquata Scrivia, Ronco Scrivia

Another night spent on a train, and it's working very well. I think that I sleep better on trains than in a real bed. :-) Today I'm heading to Italy
Waking up in Switzerland

No time to waste, my next train is just on the other platform
It is the Eurocity train to Milano and Genova, now using the new Giruno trains

Not much people on the train today

Having my coffee in restaurant car

The trip is quick, I'm already in Milano
Stadler EC250 "Giruno" (or Smile) train at Milano Lambrate. 
Yes, instead of stopping at Milano Centrale which is a terminus station, the train is using the through Lambrate station and after a short stop continues to Genoa
There are not much retail and eating facilities at Lambrato as at Centrale, but there are some vending machines where one can purchase everything needed for a safe and comfortable trip

I'm continuing my trip with Italian regional trains
Changing trains at Voghera station
Voghera is located at two railways: Alessandria-Piacenza and Milano-Voghera
The line is used by many freight trains, which is why I'm here

Arriving at Pontecurone station, where I'll spend some time
Fast trains from Milan to Genoa are using the line
As well as the freight trains coming from the port of Genoa, which is the busiest port in Italy after Trieste by cargo tonnage. Here is FS Class E.652

494 253 is a Traxx F140 DC3 from GTS - General Transport Service S.p.A., Bari

Intercity train with FS Class E.414 locomotives

483 315 from Akiem and Medway
Akiem is a rail leasing company, a subsidiary of SNCF. Medway is a freight company owned by Swiss MSC, which has acquired Portuguese CP Cargo and Spanish Laumar Cargo. Medway Italia was founded in 2019 and it is an extension of the Portuguese company.
Traxx DC is a single voltage version of the Traxx locomotive
The weight of the TRAXX F140 DC is slightly reduced compared to the AC machines which require a particularly heavy high-voltage transformer for use with the low 16.7 Hz frequency of the 15 kV AC system. The machines are built to the same specifications as the rest of the TRAXX family, but only have equipment for 3 kV DC - making them suitable for internal work in Italy, Spain, and Poland. If necessary the machines can be rebuilt for multi-system use (Wikipedia)

The town of Pontecurone

The entrance to the station

Now that I'm in Italy, it happened to be rainy and a bit cold day - which I guess is unusual in the summer
The line is shared between all kind of trains

494 034 from Mercitalia Rail
Class 494 is a Traxx DC3, further development of Class 483 with higher traction effort and less energy consumption

Hitachi Caravaggio, ETR 521

652 046

494 025

My EC train is already returning from Genoa

483 316 from Akiem and Medway

Intercity Notte train on the way to Milano
This must be ICN 1962 from Siracusa to Milano, which must be one of the longest night train routes in Europe with a travel time of 22 hours and 30minutes, departing 13:35 from Siracusa in Sicily and arriving in Milano at 12:05. It seems that it is delayed, the time now is 15:42 and there is still about 1h journey to Milano.

652 055

652 066

483 309 from Akiem and Captrain
Arriving at Arquata Scrivia station 
The station is located at the Torino-Genova line which opened in 1853 and a parallel line between Arquata-Genoa, named "Ferrovia succursale dei Giovi", it has 2 longer tunnels 

Only regional trains are stopping here

494 024

483 022 and 483 022, both from Autorità Portuale di Savona

The town of Arquata

My next train is taking the old route instead of the tunnel, it takes more time but the route is more scenic

Next stop for me is Ronco Scrivia
Ronco Scrivia is the only station between Arquata and Genoa serving both lines, it has 7 tracks with access to platforms

Chiesa S. Martino Vescovo

483 320 Akiem/Medway
The first freight locomotive without graffiti today

The train came from the "slow" line but here in Ronco swithing to the "fast" line on its way to Genoa
The train heading to 8,291 km long Ronco tunnel

483 316 Akiem/Medway

Regional train Genoa-Milano

483 018 from Alpha Trains and Oceanogate
Oceanogate is owned by Contship Italia

"We bring the ship to your factory, you save CO2 emissions" - sounds good

Lots of pink colors here

Underground art
On my way to Genoa taking the long tunnel
Genova Piazza Principe
My hotel is next to the station

A Christoforo Colombo La Patria
Traditional Italian street food - Arancini, stuffed rice balls


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