Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Oftering, Pasching, Stadt Haag, Pöchlarn, Melk

Waking up in the morning and realize I'm still in Germany, while I should already be in Austria. It turns out that the train is about 2.5h late due to some delay in Germany during the night
Here I am in Passau
The staff is heading to get some fresh bread for breakfast

Here it is, the breakfast with fresh bread

I'm not traveling all the way to Vienna yet, here is the station of Wels where I change to another train
Later today I will be taking another Nightjet train from Vienna, so I have all day to travel there
Wels is located at Western railway connecting Vienna with Salzburg
Open access operator WESTbahn is operating the line together with ÖBB
Stadler Kiss trains are used by WESTbahn

ES 64 U2 from CargoServ
I'm traveling a bit from Wels to some smaller stations, here is Oftering

In Austria, there are announcements for passing by trains
ÖBB 1116

Rocktainer ORE wagon
Linz airport is nearby

Austrian Air Force

ÖBB 2016, Eurorunner

The line is shared between both high speed passenger trains and slower freight trains, between Linz and Vienna there is partially 4 tracks on the line

193 811 from Retrack GmbH & Co. KG

ÖBB 5047

185 053 and 185 046

193 825

Siemens Desiro ML

Next stop - Pasching

Corn field nearby

Bombardier Talent as S-Bahn train

ÖBB 1016

ÖBB 1144
10 means 100km/h

193 615 from boxXpress

2016 913, Siemens ER 20 from Stern & Hafferl

186 182 from Lineas

At Linz station I'm visiting the lounge

Very convenient with coach composition information boards at the station
Not very crowded in the Railjet train
At St. Valentin I'm changing trains

187 343 from Hessische Güterbahn

193 213 from WLC - Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH
"Green deal on track"

Stadt Haag station

This station is located at the older stretch of Westbahn, the new high-speed line is located a bit north. Not sure if all freight trains are using this line, but this one does for sure
386 029 and 386 012 from Czech company Metrans

186 530 from ORLEN KolTrans Sp. z o.o.

ÖBB 1016

Changing trains again, now at Amstetten
My next train is late
187 003 parked at the station
Double pantographs for operations in Switzerland
193 879

The railway is following the Danube river


193 998 from ecco-rail GmbH

Heading to see the river 

193 990 and 189 098

186 182 at Melk station

Melk Benedictine abbey founded in 1089
A cat in a hurry


St Pölten
My next train is also delayed

Finally, I'm at main station in Vienna
My night train is NJ to Zurich, not yet announced here
Visiting Lounge in Vienna

The night train is pushed backward from the railyard to the station

480 005 on the other side, has just arrived from Budapest


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