Monday, August 2, 2021

Eppegem, Berlaar, Melkouwen, Brussels

My night train is on time, and I will be shortly arriving at Paris Austerlitz

Taking the metro from Gare Austerlitz to Gare du Nord

Having my breakfast at the station
My next train is the Thalys to Brussels, where I will be later taking my next night train - the new Nightjet line to Vienna.

There may be Premium car in the train, but no food/beverage services are available due to Covid
Pretty full train for Covid time

Arriving at Brussels
I have some time before the night train, so I'm visiting some stations in Belgium

Eppegem is located at the rail line 25, between Brussels and Antwerp

SNCB Class 27 from the 80's

Same line, another station

Siemens Desiro, AM08

The platforms in Belgium have much weed compared to German stations
Intercity Amsterdam-Brussels

SNCB Class 62 from the 60's
SNCB Class 18 is a Siemens Eurosprinter ES60U3

Thalys Paris-Amsterdam

Mortsel station


Chicken farm next to the station

Berlaar station located at the rail line 16 Lier-Aarschot
Class AM80 

The line is an important freight railway between the harbor in Antwerp and Germany, so I'm expecting to see some freight trains here. Here is Class 13, Alstom Traxis from the 90's

186 497 from Lineas

Belgian beer in Belgium

186 334 from DB Cargo

193 325

186 340

Melkouwen station
Interesting trash can

193 328

186 228, Lineas


186 256

On my way back to Brussels


Manneken Pis

Another Belgian beer

My train is already announced on the departure board

Brussels Midi station has train services in all directions, from London, Paris, Lyon to Frankfurt, Amsterdam and now Vienna
Class 18 will be the locomotive until Aachen in Germany
This one can be operated in B and D (Germany is only for switching locomotives in Aachen)
The service seems to be popular already, at least now in the summer
There are both seat, couchette and sleeper cars

A stop at Liege

Due to recent floodings the train is taking another route than planned, through the line that is normally used only by freight trains

It's nice to travel by train
The first stop in Germany is Aachen

Belgian locomotive is replaced with...
With Taurus locomotive, or ÖBB Class 1016
This one is supporting operations in both D and A


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